Friday, April 16, 2010

No Brainer?

Suppose the worst happened to you and you had to be hospitalized.  

Perhaps you have a terrible illness that requires an extended stay or even worse. 

Now feel your anxiety at the prospect of never again seeing your friends or family.  Feel the fear and isolation; the absolute despair at ending your life on Earth alone. 

That is what may face our Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters in America in this, the 21st century. 

Naturally your parents or children could visit you but in many cases Gay men and women found themselves estranged from their families as a result of arcane societal taboos. 

Unless you happened to be married and your spouse was of the opposite sex you could not count on having your life partner visit. 

This is changing as President Obama has mandated hospital visitation rights to same sex partners. 

The implementation of this compassionate 'no-brainer' will naturally face tremendous opposition from unfeeling radical groups who do not like anyone other than themselves to be treated as human beings.  The sad part is that many in the opposition's camp are probably gay themselves as has been shown time and again by the so-called religious right and a few homophobic Congressmen. 

In a nation born on the notion 'live and let live' too many feel it's 'let me live and you die' and if gay, die alone.  (WWJD?)

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