Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Need Political Reform

While most of us are merely trying to survive this roller coaster ride that is the US economy big business is moving right along.  The individual is becoming less important and in many cases seen as a liability to the master plan. 

An important ruling handed down by the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court of the United States clearly contended that corporations are people too and as such must be afforded many of the rights heretofore associated solely with the individual.  But the ruling went further to point out that they are not just people but better than people since they have more money. 

And that is what it all boils down to in America, money.  If you have it you are allowed to make more of it and keep more of it but if you do not then you are vilified as a useless recipient of public funds and a drag on society.  Your entitlements must be stopped and the savings incurred be given back to the corporation. 

The ‘Catch 22’ in this scenario is that we as voters have a chance to fight this trend but alas that fight will take money. 

There is a tremendous gap between the salaries of the workers and the pay the top management takes from just about every company.  And if a worker points this out he may soon be joining the 9.7% of his fellow Americans on the unemployment line. 

And that is another problem.  Congress, mainly the Republicans see these non-workers as an annoyance, a distraction.  Glenn Beck, a particularly moronic individual who appears to be a prominent spokesman for the Republican Party even suggested that these non tax paying slobs should pay the country back for their good fortune by enlisting in the armed forces and serving overseas to protect America. (I chose not to place a link to any of this person's lies because there are so many I would not know where to begin. Google his name and choose your own lie to read about.) 

Of course the reason these people pay little or no income tax is because they have no income!  But it is very hard to see the ants crawling on the street when you sit in a penthouse sipping margheritas all day. 

The hate being spewed by the likes of Beck and most of the Republican Party these days tends to incite the weak-minded of America into blaming an imaginary villain.  Many otherwise compassionate people prefer to point their fingers at the victims as causing our woes. 

I have a friend who still believes he should not have to pay taxes so that someone who is out of work can get healthcare.  Of course he forgets the word represented by the first initial in USA.  And let us never forget that most of the unemployed worked for many years paying far more in taxes than the millionaires who hide their income in offshore locations.  Check out how much was added into the IRS’ coffers by Exxon.  Here’s a hint; NOTHING, they pay no income tax to the United States! 

President Obama suggested a graduated tax rate for those people fortunate enough to be making make more than one quarter of a million dollars per year.  Shockingly the entire Republican Party nearly had a mass coronary over this suggestion.  Using far more money than they would be paying in taxes the wealthy have launched a campaign against the plan.  In fact the plan from the ‘right’ side of the aisle of Congress is to lower taxes! 

Well let’s put all the items together and see what we have.  The poor and former middle class who are about to join their ranks do not pay much in income taxes since they do not earn any money these days.  The wealthy want tax breaks so they can possibly think about maybe hiring some of the cheap labor off the unemployment lines some time in the future.  And the Republican Party which merely wants to get back in power is complaining that the Democrats have not lowered the deficit (that was brought to record levels by the Republicans in the first place.)

So the Republicans are saying that the deficit will be lowered if we give the only people in the country who are making money tax breaks! 

I would laugh hysterically at this and call it fuzzy math if it wasn’t just plain downright bullshit!  In fact it is such a load of crap that it gives bullshit a bad name. 

In keeping with their oh-so deserved honorary title of the 'Party of No' it is this type of No-Brainer' idiocy that spews forth from their leadership. 

The “Party of No” has just plain become the party of lies!  Look into the complaints by the likes of Senator Mitch McConnell about pending financial reform.  He is totally against the bill written by Democrats to stop any future public bailouts of failed banking institutions. 

The bill states that big banks must pay into an insurance fund and those funds will be used if the bank fails, not public funds!  He is too smart not to know this!  Clearly he just wants no infringement or impediment or regulations or oversight on big banks.  I wonder who paid him to say this!!! Joe Wilson once yelled, "You Lie" while the President was speaking. 

I believe it is now obvious that he was directing his brain fart toward his own party. 

The vicious cycle of beating down the middle class so that they become poor and then using the poor as cheap labor in order to make more money for the top corporations continues unabated.
But Congress is working on a fix, wink wink.
They should have it ready for debate in a decade or two.


Anonymous said...

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Cousin Bruce said...

I like the actor Kelsey Grammer but not his politics (although I don't think grape flavored vodka would be so bed.)
The "Right Wing" seems to be far more funded than regular humans and this type of new network is not a surprise. The man is entitled to his opinions and some of them may actually be good, although I doubt it.
In most cases allowing these people to speak is the best way to show their faults as in every speech Ms. Palin has ever given.
As for Kelsey he should stick to what he does best.