Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Colors for Tea Partiers

Kidnappers are known to use newspaper cutouts to populate their ransom notes.  They do this so that the recipient cannot find them by using handwriting analyses or some other technical forensic method.

Other criminals use sophisticated routing systems when making phone calls so that they appear to emanate from far off lands even though they may be next door.

Bank robbers don all manner of disguises when entering a security camera laden facility.
All of the above procedures are followed for one simple reason; the perpetrator wishes to hide his or her identity.

But in America these days there is a group of people who are not only proud to be seen doing and saying inane things they relish every opportunity to do so!

Showing their lack of knowledge they are in fact proud that they have no clue about what's going on.

Generally older than their IQs these misguided misfits manage to maintain an air of abject stupidity while proclaiming their ideology on colorful and offensive placards of their own making which they display at any rally they can find.

These men and women think they are doing good.  (Perhaps think is too strong a word.)

Well finally there is one company who agrees with their right to use the First Amendment.  In fact they want them to keep doing it, over and over and over...
Crayola wishes them god-speed.

The tin foil industry is hoping to get the same people upset about aliens.

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