Sunday, May 30, 2010

What Next for the Gulf?

Amidst the tragedy that is threatening the entire ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico and the livelihoods of so many Americans it is heartening to see the outpouring of love from the Republican Party.
Unfortunately the love they are exhibiting is for the chance to place the blame on President Obama.
Too much time has been wasted arguing that the President is not displaying enough anger.  Some of his detractors and unfortunately supporters as well want him to scream and yell.  Personally I want action and that calls for a cool calm person to come up with an intelligent solution, not a child throwing a tantrum.
Useless moron Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota is on television relentlessly blaming and taking jabs at Obama for his handling of the oil spill.  Finger pointing would appear to be quite silly for the party of Bush and Cheeenie since they were in bed so much with big oil that I am surprised they did not get pregnant.  Although they sure did get rich!
The first focus for truly concerned citizens, and here I must exclude Pawlenty and friends must be the stopping of the leak and the tremendous clean-up of the waters and marshlands.
The Republican mantra has been and always will be the trashing of any Democratic President so their words against Mr. Obama should not surprise anyone.  What should be noted is how active they are in continuing aftermath of the tragedy.
While most Governors, R or D from the Gulf States are blaming BP and pushing them to do more Texas' Rick Perry, he of secessionist fame is silent.  And in this case his silence is louder than any Republican rhetoric aimed at the President.  And it is just one more reason intelligent people of America would not mind if Texas and their BORED of education would up and leave the union.
But for now we must stop this leak.  And since it is obvious that BP has no clue how to do so it is up to everyone to ideate.  Come up with a plan or an idea and send it to your local congressman.  If it will not work so be it but do not assume someone else has a better idea.  So far you would be wrong.


Cousin Bruce said...

The following was sent to me via e-mail in response to this post:

i agree 100%. We need cool heads and good decisions in these times.
I keep wondering where the rest of the world is? Where is john wayne and the rest of the cast from his B movie? [The name of which escapes me.] We could plug the hole by first stuffing McConnell, Boner and Palin into the hole and then covering the pipe with Rush's mouth. I am sure that it is big enough. If not try Hannity or Beck.
where are the woods hole folks? Where is the rest of the world? This affects the entire world and we have not seen one hand holding Saudi or Iranian step up and offer a suggestion that would be viable. We need the world to step up to the plate .
We could probably stop the flow by stuffing our politicians, one by one into the pipe, and then follow it up with the Texas book board."

Thanks to friend Larry F. from the Las Vegas area.

Cousin Bruce said...

Thanks again Larry!
The John Wayne movie was, "Hellfighters" and I though about that. Unfortunately that was about controlling blowouts on land. This one is admittedly much tougher, which is one reason why we should not even be drilling there until we have real workable contingencies in place for the inevitable disaster.
(How about Jack Bauer? If he cannot plug the hole he can at least take out the board of BP. Ever wonder what fun water boarding would be if they used oil???)
The rest of the World is actually offering to help but they too have no clue as to how to plug the damn thing. Actually when I say the rest of the World I am not including those Saudis etc. who are thrilled whenever a disaster strikes America. They do not have brains above their waists so they don't realize the Worldwide effect this spill will have.
It really appears as though this spill will continue nearly unabated until August and beyond. Kiss the marshlands goodbye and then watch the domino effect.
Hey, it's been real!

Cousin Bruce said...

One more thought:
Would it be possible to treat the well as doctors treat arteries?
Is it feasible to snake a slender hollow but strong tube into the open pipe deep enough to then insert additional pipes that expand open much like a stent?
The difference between my oil stent and the medical one would obviously be mine becomes solid vs. their open one.
I don't mean to be presumptive but hey, if it works...