Friday, May 14, 2010

Et Tu Ratzinger

I hope I don't offend any friends of mine out there, assuming I still have any but I must say that it appears as though the most vocal anti-gay people in the world turn out to be closeted gays themselves.
You can make your own list of Americans such as the latest homo-phobic phony, founder and former family research council leader Mr. Rekers who turns out to not only be gay but openly hires lovers to carry his uh, junk.
So when we hear someone really go after the gay community we have to wonder.
After all how can a sane normal human being possibly be offended or threatened by the love one individual has for another?
Let's hope the day never comes when you are told what you may or may not do with your loved one behind the closed secure door of your own home.  Naturally I am ruling out murder or terrorism etc but surely sharing and making love with your partner is nobody else's business.
And that brings me tot he latest individual who is railing publicly against gays and gay marriage.  And he did so while wearing his latest Elton John type outfit replete with a funny hat and luxurious rings on every finger that are probably worth more than most nations' yearly GDP.
The man is none other than the former Nazi Wunderkind, Pope Benedict XVI himself.
He recently called Gay marriage 'insidious and dangerous!'
Insidious? - Dangerous?
Methinks the Pope doth protest too much!
Hey guy, ever hear of the phrase, 'make love not war?'
Oh, I forgot - I'm talking to the figurehead of the group that brought you the Papal Wars.
Okay, I am not suggesting the Pope is gay but I would like to reiterate another old saying, "You don't play the game, you don't make the rules!"
In a world where there is so much hate and fear already would it not be better for the leader of such a large group of people to focus on ending discrimination rather than propagating it?
What can be better than the love of two people for each other?
The corporation and big business that is the Vatican and the Roman Catholic religion is treading into troubled waters.  And while the CEO is continuing to spout the party line and turn a deaf ear to world around him the overall company may start to lose customers.
If the Pope insists on this line of rhetoric he should resign his post in Rome and run for a seat in the US Congress.  He'll fit right in!

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