Thursday, May 6, 2010

Faisal States his Case

Just a quick thought on the supposed justification for the failed terrorism act in Times Square this week.

This small minded piece of shit, for that is what he is, decided to kill as many pedestrians in Manhattan as possible because he was upset about the use of drones by the United States military to root out terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

His feelings made known by friends were that the United States should not hide in high flying unmanned planes but should attack on the ground, face to face and man to man.

You mean you don't condone flying jets into buildings killing thousands of totally innocent people?

You don't condone using brainwashed useless low-life peasants to blow themselves up thereby taking the lives of as many innocent people as possible with them?  All while the cowardly leaders sit and shit in caves hiding from the light of day?

You mean you don't like hiding in underground rat holes and building networks of caves from which you send orders to your suicide bombing idiots?

And by the way, I didn't notice you sticking around Times Square to see what happened.  Pretty non face to face if you ask me you useless coward.

You are alive because you are an American citizen and we believe in the law.  What do you believe in, 75 virgins?  Your wife and children must be very proud of you.

The day you and your ilk can successfully claim and hold the high ground is the day this world will end as we know it!  And on that day we will all say, Shazaam!

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