Friday, May 7, 2010

Chutzpah Revisited

The definition of the word Chutzpah, like so many words derived from the Yiddish language is best understood when given in an example.
The story goes that a young man is arrested for the murder of his parents. He is brought before a judge and asked if he has anything to say to the court.
"Have mercy your honor," he says, "I'm an orphan!"
Merriam Webster would do well to add this as the definitive definition of Chutzpah.
But surely it is not the only one they or we could use.  These days we see chutzpah everywhere.
So yo, listen up.
Joseph Bruno the former Teflon 'Don' of the New York State Senate was convicted of fraud and sentenced to 2 years in prison.
Over his entire career in politics Bruno was known as the so-called 'third man in the room' because no matter what horse trade was going on it had to be cleared with Da Boss.
I make no accusation against the man nor would I lest I wish to become a permanent neighbor of Mr.James Hoffa.  I'm sure he's a wonderful family man and loves all animals of da earth.
In his defense his attorney stated that the court should look at his long career of public service.
So in other words if you commit a crime you go to jail, but if you can commit the crime continually and over an extended period of time you should be commended???  For what, getting away with it???
I wonder what his parents would say.
Have mercy on Mr. Bruno, your honor, for Chutzpah's sake.

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