Thursday, May 6, 2010

Garbage Of Politics

A short time ago I was struck by the number of hypocrites in government.  I actually started to compile a list of politicians who 'doth protesteth too much' against actions they themselves revel in.

Both sides of the aisle are guilty of the sins they rail against but it seems like the Republicans and more accurately the so-called religious right are the most guilty.

The mea culpas coming from this group of elected low-life individuals are as empty and devoid of conviction as can be.  You need only look to see where they are after coming clean to know that they had no intention of going softly into that political goodnight.

But compiling the list became so daunting a task that I placed the project on hold until I could set aside 100 hours of free time.  Luckily someone else with a faster CPU has been able to do the dirty work for me and for us.  The fact that the list of was actually made last June leaves one to wonder how many more hypocritical bastards should be added to the 123 noted there now.

The Genuflecting Odorous Parasites who

form the Glib Orgasmic Partnership
under the Guise Of Palin make up
the Grim Ominous Party known simply as the GOP.  And here they they are outed in one convenient place.

So without further ado it is with a tip of the hat to author/compiler Leah Burton for her compilation herewith linked.

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