Tuesday, June 1, 2010

David V Goliath - Act 50

Normally when you have a fight between two combatants you can figure out who threw the first punch  Unfortunately that is not possible or at least much harder when that fight turns into a long running feud.
The classic example of an endless ongoing monotonous absurd fight is known as the Hatfield McCoy feud.
But another more pressing one has been ongoing far longer and threatens to do real damage to all, whether directly involved or not.
This fight is between the Jewish state of Israel and, well just about every Arab state on the face of the Earth.
It is hard to say who threw the first punch but it is clear that whoever it was is long gone.
And the constant retaliation scenario we now see played out on a daily basis is never going to stop unless and until cooler heads prevail.
Cooler heads in the Middle East?
Can you say oxymoron?
But one fact remains, Israel is the tiniest country in the area and it is surrounded by countries that want it destroyed for various self serving reasons.
These reasons run the gamut from religion to tradition.  They make no sense in the real world of the 21st century.  And yet their one true aim is to finish the job the Nazis were not able to do.  Perhaps that is why some of these, beings deny that the Holocaust ever happened.
Every story has many sides and the current blockade of Gaza by the Israelis proves that to be true as well.
But one thing is clear and that is rockets red glare can be seen firing from that area into Israel on a regular basis.  No cease fire piece of paper seems to be able to stop the destructive ways of the poor put upon Palestinians.
If they were to be set free to establish their own homeland nothing would change.  First of all the homeland they would claim as their own would be Israel and they would ask the Israelis to get the hell out or be murdered.
Hopefully the above thought will not be put to the test but one must remember that given the opportunity to  have their own homeland half a century ago they demurred.  Better to continue killing Jews than to settle alongside them.  Just think back to the wonderful days of Yasser Arafat.
And today we see once again the propaganda machine working its inexorable movement of hate against that smallest of countries.
The Gaza blockade was about to be breached by an armada of boats.  The Israelis asked the boats to stop so that they could be searched.
This is unfortunately a normal thing in this type of situation as the guards have the duty of making sure no rockets or other deadly armaments are being smuggled in.
The search led to a confrontation and some people were killed.
The United Nations and the World immediately condemned the Israelis before bothering to go to the video tape.
But knowing that the world always looks to censure them the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) taped the raid.
This video clearly shows the IDF being beaten by the peace loving people out to bring aid and comfort to the poor peaceful Palestinians.
Once again the World is being asked to condemn the Israelis for hitting their opponent in the fist with their Jewish chins!
Clearly this feud will not end without outside interference.
But just as clearly and as usual the numbers are stacked against Israel.

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