Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wall St. Do Over?

On Thursday the stock market was going to go down anyway.  The cause this time was not the fraudulent practices of Goldman Sucks or the phony machinations of Congress and their soon to be failed financial reform debacle.  The impetus for this Dow drop was the rioting in Greece over their failing economy.

The Greeks are being asked to work a little longer hours and, well you can read about their troubles elsewhere.

Bu these days the world is truly flat and when Greek salad days end so it seems do ours.

However the fun was about to really start because some moron from a brokerage company decided to sell 15 million shares of something but accidentally hit the 'billions' button.

The experts call what the little moron did 'fat or fast fingering.'


The result was a drop off the cliff for every company stock except for a few which actually rose to the sky!

Anyone who was still gun shy from the roller coaster rides of late 2008 to early 2009 probably sold all their stocks or lost them all to stop losses.

But the joke was on them because the good old boys on Wall St. caught the error and made sure none of them lost any money and the markets rose back as fast as they had fallen.

No, this is not an ad for the television show, "V."
Notice the fast finger moment and the quick recovery.

So once again the little guy was left out in the cold; his pocket picked; his portfolio pooped; his financial future precarious.

Wanna bet Goldman Sucks didn't lose a penny?

Those fast fingers of Wall St. deserve to be enshrined in "Fagin's Hall of Fame."

Late in the evening there was talk about voiding all the trades that took place during the fast fingering glitch and giving everyone back the money they lost.


And then the tooth fairy will give all of us a quarter and we can go buy Easter Eggs.

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