Monday, May 3, 2010

Business as Usual!?!

The latest euphemism about to bite us in the arse, as the British would say is being brought to you by those wonderful people at BP.
BP, Beyond Petroleum nee British Petroleum has said that they will in fact pay for the clean-up involved in the horrific oil spill about to cover New Orleans' coast line in sludge.
Good news. right?
However the words they used were, "Usual and Ordinary."
So this type of thing is expected?
Gosh BP, thanks for letting us know!
We have all had to come up against the 'usual and customary' charge claim by the poor health insurance industry so we know all too well what it means when a large corporation uses euphemisms. Basically it means grab your ankles boys.
That may sound a bit crude but hey, we are talking about oil here!
So what can we expect from BP when it comes to this Big Price tag? 
The Big Picture is they will most likely pay some of the cost and fight the rest in the courts. In the end they will spend on attorneys or donate to a worthy Senator's campaign fund a fraction of what the real cost will be.
The price of oil will naturally increase due to the loss of millions of gallons in the gulf and that will cause the price of a gallon of gas to rise.  Seems like an eventual Big Profit for all the oil companies.
We the people will foot the Better Portion of the bill and that, my friend is what's known as Usual and Ordinary!


Cousin Bruce said...

I would like to point out one more thing but do not wish to place it in the body of the post.
A fat little man (intelligence-wise) said that the oil spill is a natural thing and we should do nothing. We must allow nature to take its course and disperse the spill as it sees fit.
The fat small minded yet large cojones guy of whom I speak unfortunately has a following in America of equally idiotic morons. He is known as Rush and he is Beyond Putrid. Here is a link to his own words.
Read it at your own risk lest your head explode.

Cousin Bruce said...

Another shy comment maker sent this to me via e-mail:

{While reading all the articles about the 'right,' now claiming that tree-huggers sabotaged the B.P. oil rig, I had an epiphany; viola, as pogo would have said, the 'right' did the sabotage so they could blame the tree-huggers.
I can see Limbaugh, stoned on oxy in a wet suit going down 1 mile and sabotaging the rig. Yeah, that's the ticket ..Limbaugh did it!}

Limbaugh in a wet suit? That's not a sight I wish to think about.

Thanks to Larry F from Henderson-Las Vegas for the insight.

Cousin Bruce said...

Someone who shall remain nameless has offered another apropos use of the oil company's initials - "They're all just a bunch of Big Pricks."