Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Items Katie Couric Won't Report

Law enforcement performed beautifully as they identified and apprehended Shazaam, the would-be terrorist in NYC.  Some feel his intent was to see how law enforcement reacted so future plans will work better.  And although he appeared to be inept had they let the bastard get away who knows what could have happened later?  Except that the Republicans would have blamed Obama for the entire episode.  As it is they are pointing to him and saying he keeps allowing terror on America’s soil when no such event took place under Bush.  Really?  None you can think of?  Does the number you dial to report an emergency ring a bell a-holes?  It must be nice to be so stupid and not worry about anything that happens in the real world.

On Suffolk Long Island a Republican weekly newsrag, I mean paper was under fire for depicting the Obamas as the fighting couple from the old TV show, “Sanford and Son.”  The photos were obviously racist but they are protected by our first amendment rights.  And since they were not intended to ‘incite to riot’ they are legal.  The bad taste was defended by the publisher and the Suffolk County Republican chairman by asking the question, "Where was the outrage when Bush was shown as a chimpanzee?"  I must disagree with the last statement because I heard plenty of outrage at the time!  From PETA – Animal rights agencies – Zoo owners etc.  They were all up in arms.  Hey Laura you'll just have to include this episode in your next book which will expand on your delusions about being poisoned.

The NTSB said this week that captain Sullenberger might have been able to land his plane back at LaGuardia rather than ditching it in the Hudson River.  They did however admit that the end result was a favorable one even though plenty of luck was involved.  Good for you NTSB!  At least you didn’t send the good captain a bill for the plane on behalf of American Airlines.

The Democrats gave in to the minority Republicans yesterday – and this is news?  The bill to overhaul the financial system and thereby protect the public from another massive meltdown has been watered down once again.  Removed from the bill is the safety net of $50 billion that was to be funded by the banks themselves and tapped into in case one of them failed.  The idea was equivalent to the banks paying insurance policy premiums for their use in times of need.  Now that the Republicans have taken the burden of funding that policy away from the big banks the public may look forward to future bailout burdens.  I am not sure which party is worse but then it’s like asking a convict, lethal injection or hanging?

And speaking of being hung the ballsy non convicted convicts of Goldman Sacks agreed to pay $450,000 to settle a 2008 lawsuit concerning insider trading.  Naturally GS did not admit any wrong doing as part of the deal.  Obviously they were completely innocent of all charges – That’s why they paid the hush money!  Oh and before you run for the tissues, in the time it took to read this sentence GS made triple that amount in fraud, I mean investing.

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