Saturday, May 8, 2010

Walk & Blow Smoke?

Lindsay Graham (R-SC) showed the Republican plan of attack this week when he admitted that he could not walk and chew gum at the same time.
He said he could not work on any climate bill in Congress this year because the Democrats also want to handle the immigration problem.
And, he added, there is this oil spill thing going on that must be handled as well.
One begins to wonder if any of the Republicans in Government can multi task at all!  Perhaps they would have been better suited for a job on Henry Ford’s assembly line where all you had to do was one thing over and over and over.
Actually most of them are already doing only one thing over and over and over again. Unfortunately it is the phrase Nancy Reagan made famous; “Just say no!”
We should have a law that states if any member of Congress cannot take on two problems during the same session he or she should be removed.  This year that would have given the Democrats an incredible majority.  Certainly we would have seen the exit of those wonderful roadblocks; the Boners, I mean John Boner and Eric Cantor. Those two do tend to be inseparable, hmmm.
Of course Michelle Bachmann would also be making an early exit but not necessarily because she couldn't do two things at the same time.  One look at or rather through her eyes should give you a clue.  This airhead will not pass the separate part of the new law that would require an IQ over 12!
At a time when our country is being attacked on so many fronts it sure would be nice for our elected officials to man (and woman) up.
They should do their jobs and stop posturing for the cameras.
Keep your eyes on the problems at hand guys, not the November elections!

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