Thursday, May 20, 2010

Figured it Out Yet?

Your baby cries and you pick him up.
What happens?
He stops crying!

Your baby cries but you don't feel like picking him up.

What happens?
He continues to cry.
You finally you pick him up.
What happens?
He stops crying.

Lessons learned:

1 - You may as well pick him up sooner rather than later so you don't go crazy.
2 - If I keep crying mommy will pick me up!

We never lose the trick we picked up in the crib.
Some of us have honed it into a skill that has sadly become a winning strategy by many politicians in DC.

It doesn't seem to matter how often their inconsistencies are pointed out or displayed by showing actual films on television.

Once a politician has told a lie their strategy is to deny the lie.
And then deny the lie.
After that they will then deny the lie.
In fact they will continue to deny the lie until you pick them up, which in their case means getting elected, re-elected.

From the wonderful state that brought you legal prostitution and slot machines (two different things) in 7-11 stores and restrooms comes that brightest of dullards Sue Lowden.  This Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin type brazenly stated on film over and over again that patients used to bring chickens as payment to doctors and that the system worked!  She now states that she never said it!

She is in the second trimester of denying.

This tactic is not only being used by being used by Senator-wannabes but by long seated Senators as well.

This week Republican John Boner reacted to the latest Republican to join the "Swaggert I have sinned against thee" glee club by taking the hypocritical oath of silence.  His silent denial would not be so bad had the same Boner not pulled a boner by insisting that we use every tool at our disposal when going after Democratic idiot Eric Massa.  Perhaps it is Boner who is the tool!

Here Boner pontificates while Mitch McConnell shows reporters the size of his tool.

The bottom line here is that so many hypocrites are in Federal; State and local Congresses that reports of obvious lies or sexual misconduct therein should no longer be considered news, breaking or otherwise.  Unfortunately if we threw all the bad seeds out we wouldn't have enough for a Minyan.

And if you are wondering what our politicians believe in don't waste your time.  At the end of their career in so-called public service the only conviction associated with many of them should be of the 'ten to twenty' variety.

The old adage about actions speaking louder than words is the only thing these hypocrites cannot deny.  This is why so many of our children in the crib that is Congress are not being picked up - We the voters are just plain tired of their crocodile tears.

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