Sunday, May 9, 2010

New North Shore LIJ Commercial?

If you live in the New YorkNew Jersey area you may have seen or heard one of the three (so far) commercials touting the prowess of the doctors at the North Shore L I J Hospital family.

They tug at your heart strings and are meant as part of a self awareness campaign determined to get you to think of them when and if something medically goes wrong with your body.

The ads are effective but not complete.  Toward that end I have a suggestion.

Picture if you will:

The scene is a semi-crowded bar.
There is an early middle-aged man sitting on a stool.  He is leaning on his right elbow and his legs are slightly spread apart revealing a noticeable bulge in his crotch.
The man is slowly looking around at all the women in the room.
Suddenly he spots a rather beautiful busty blonde.
A slight smile spreads across his face.
The camera closes in on his crotch to reveal an increased arousal.

The voice over starts:

“This is my penis.

It’s the penis I used to get upset at when it wet my bed as a child

And it’s the penis I used to spend hours alone with after a new issue of Playboy came out

It's the penis that remembers that night in my chevy with Becky Sue

But it's also the penis that went limp when it found out it had prostate cancer

And it’s the penis I entrusted to the radiologists at North Shore LIJ to take care

And today it’s the penis that thinks of and thanks those doctors every time it stands at attention for a hot woman.

The camera blurs as he walks out of the bar with the blonde on his arm.  He looks back and winks at the camera.

Fade to NSLIJ logo and out.

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