Saturday, June 5, 2010


Earlier this week it was reported in our local newspaper that electric cars may be coming back into favor.  It is not altogether hard to figure out why the issue was brought up again what with the BP mess.
By the way they were number 5 on the list citing the most profitable companies in the world last year.  And lo and behold numbers 1 through 4 were also oil companies.  Exxon, those wonderful folks who brought you the second worst oil disaster ever continue to hold the top spot so I guess that whole Valdez thing didn't hurt them much!
I responded to the e-car articles and Newsday was once again silly enough to reprint my words.  And as always I hope I won't incur any pun-ative damages for the letter.  (Mine is at the bottom of the linked page.)


train buddy said...

I wish Newsday would leave your articles as is. When I read your letter I knew immediately that it was reworded. It's either that or your starting to get boring.

Cousin Bruce said...

You are correct but any publicity is good publicity and if they want to print my letters fine.
They did change a few words but I'll survive.
Bottom line - I still wan tmy electric car back
(PS - I'm in Bermuda now - Don't tell anyone.

Cousin Bruce said...

Be back Sunday.

Train Buddy said...

How lucky for you. You didn't think to hide me in your luggage? Any vacation I can afford this year will be touring college campuses. How lucky for me though you've been through it twice and know the drill