Monday, June 28, 2010

Mr. Big Wins Again

It's finally clear as a whistle.
With the two votes controlled mainly by the minority Party of NO Congress has explained the correct phylum of entities in America.
In order to get any semblance of financial reform passed they demanded concessions.  Those concessions basically amount to the neutering of any bite that might have been written into the bill to protect the consumer, the little guy.
The banks will hem and haw but secretly hee haw over the latest sleight of hand by the magicians on "K" Street.
And at the same time the minority was once again getting their way over the eunuchs of the majority they also effectively stopped any aid to the hopelessly unemployed pawns of this economically depressed country.
The message is as noted above quite clear; if you lose your job because a big bank screwed up then it's your fault.
After all why the hell did you trust them in the first place?
You're an idiot.  You must be insane!!!
And the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  (People of Kansas please remember that definition in November!)
So the Government cannot give you aid because you will only lose it by doing the same thing again! 
But big business will replace the CEO and all will be fine!  Of course the old CEO will still be on the board of directors of his old company as well as all the other big corporations but let's not be too picky.
So the final analyses is in:
Big business - too big to fail!
The little guy - too small to save!

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