Saturday, June 19, 2010

America - A Third World Power?

I received the following e-mail explaining the feelings about big oil and our relationship unto them:

this was taken from a blog discussing our pres. getting the $$$from b.p. and the repugs reaction

In short, our best bet is to act like some third world shithole that bends over backwards to get a little corporate investment, no matter what the cost.

My humble answer to my good friend Larry F. from Henderson NV was as follows:

You are missing the point – compared to corporations we are a third world shit-hole.

This country is no longer an entity that would be recognized by the founding fathers, most of whom would be thrown out of office in the primaries!  A careful reading of the second amendment to the Constitution will elicit an understanding that it was not intended to allow individual citizens to carry weapons, concealed or otherwise everywhere they went!  It was intended to allow for the arming of a lawful militia; a police force to protect the people.  Both the 2nd and the 9th amendments have been bastardized by the bastards since their inception.  And we the people are left with the illegitimate offspring of their politically strange bedfellow unions.

My latest thought is that our political system is way past broken and will not be fixed in our lifetime.  The party not in power realizes that they have to continue to block any real legislation in order to make the party in power look inept and unable to govern.  Then when it comes time to vote in November they can point to an ineffectual reign by the incumbents as reason to vote them out.  But when they are placed in power the new minority will be forced to pursue the same winning strategy in order to regain the majority.  This vicious cycle will produce a predictable result; politicians will continue to make fortunes both in salaries and kickbacks from lobbyists and we the people will continue to blog about how bad things are in America.

As frustrating as this may seem it is nevertheless the fact that until and unless some true ideological selfless non-egotistical politician can come to power in Washington ala the mythical Mr. Smith we are stuck in place, mired and helpless against the onslaught of corporate greed.

The Chinese will pull even with us and surpass our economy along with all the former so-called third world countries just as surely as if we had forfeited our right to compete on the world stage.

We can point our fingers to previous administrations and even prove corruption therein but it will not help our cause.  Others will merely cry “sour grapes” and tell us to grow up.  Remember the ridiculously revered Ronald Reagan (I'll pause here for any conservatives who accidentally linked to this blog to genuflect) when he said, "There you go again."

We must learn from our history and never forget what happened in the past.  But we must also not get caught in the losing strategy of the blame game.

Most intelligent people know who did what to whom and even why.  Unfortunately the electorate for the most part will not understand these facts.  They know only that things are bad and the incumbents must therefore be to blame.

And so the cycle goes on just as the world turns.  But until the worm turns we will not move forward.

President Obama had a fantastic chance of pulling us through but his idealism allowed him to think the Republicans wanted to help.  He was only half right as they indeed wanted to help – themselves!  And they have succeeded in doing so.

With the advent and help of the Tea Party and the Oath Keepers and all the other fringe groups espoused by their backers the Republicans have sown the seeds of revolt.  Their actions are as evil as pouring salt on an open wound and then claiming they have the balm to heal the pain.

We constantly hope that our leaders in Congress will “Man up” and do the right thing.  The biggest problem with that is everyone disagrees on what that ‘right thing’ is!  We, or rather they have forgotten the simple phrase, "For the good of the people!"

But of course, as it says below my name at the bottom my e-mails – It’s just my opinion!

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