Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't Stop - It Hurts Too Much

And the hits keep coming.
I just finished writing about the good people of Bergen County NJ who seem to have trouble connecting the dots when I see the people of the Gulf rising to the defense of the oil industry!
With the entire country and many parts of the civilized world looking on these people are spending time; effort; and money to have the temporary ban on oil drilling lifted!
"Please allow the greedy bastards to continue soiling our land!  We need the jobs."
It is a move that brings to mind some of the terrible symptoms of the mental illness known as 'Munchausen by proxy.'  This syndrome causes a mother to make her child sick in order to gain attention and care.  It is the sickest form of self promotion there is as the fifteen minutes of fame derived by the mother could end up causing the child its life.
But in this case the disease is real so the danger is more imminent and the continuation of the cause more diabolical.
There have always been thrill seeking sickos such as the fireman who started fires so that he could be first on the scene to save the would-be victims and thus be touted as a hero.
Continue to drill and spew death dealing drudge to the coastline but keep the aid coming to repair the area.
It is a classic disconnect between 'what is' and 'what should be.'
And as surely as I live and breathe these same individuals will blame President Obama and his team for not fixing the problem.  They will blame the administration for not spending and sending more money to the region; money that will go down the well!
All those who demand the torpedoes be ignored should be ashamed of themselves.
If the lawsuit to lift the temporary ban on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is successful then we should stop all aid to the region and let them clean up their own act!  In this day and age we must draw the line in the sand somewhere.
We can not continue to throw good money after bad when they wish to throw out the baby with the oil water.


Anonymous said...

I understand the sentiment and the anger but we have an obligation to save the area and the morons in spite of themselves.
But as soon as the spill is stopped and the beaches cleaned up and the wildlife brought back to life and the marshlands replenished then all those responsible - ALL THOSE RESPONSIBLE - including the lawyers and even the judge who lifted the ban should be brought to justice, at least monetarily for theit wanton stupidity and lack of humanity.

Cousin Bruce said...

Oh-kay - Thanks for the comment. I doubt the judge will be brought to justice but it's a nice thought.

Cousin Bruce said...

I now see why you brought up the judge! It appears as though he may indeed be corrupt! He owns stocks in many oil companies including the ones involved in the spill. He is the worst kind of hypocrite and I truly hope something very bad happens to him.