Friday, June 25, 2010

The Trouble with America

Right this moment we have:
An economy that is far from great;
Unemployment at record levels;
An unprecedented mad-made oil spill disaster;
Ongoing wars around the world;
and a financial reform bill that doesn't.

Sounds awful, right?
Well that clearly depends upon which side of the aisle your seat is on.

The Republicans are trying hard to contain their joy at how bad things are for humans in the country.  But occasionally they have to change their underwear.

If you listen to them speak they are to a person on the stump about how poorly the Democrats are doing and how they cannot get anything done.  Of course they leave out the part where they are the main obstacle but let's not be picky.

Take financial reform:

A clear analyses of the bill that passed will show that no bank will be hurt by the new provisions.  They may lose a little on fees that must stop but they will more than make up for that loss on new fees such as huge charges for checking accounts.
Don't like to pay for checking?
You can get around that by keeping $5,000 in your checking account at no interest.

And should there be another financial meltdown ala 2008 this bill has nothing to stop or mitigate the pain, for humans that is.

So what's the point?  How did it pass?
In order to gain enough support from the Party of No the Democrats had to give in on many key points, as always.

The Republicans are so happy that their friends in big business will not be hurt and no bank will be left behind that they are nearly orgasmic!
But on the airways they still point out that the bill is awful and will hurt and Obama and his crew are destroying America.
Why the fake disconnect?
Well they can't come out and tell the truth!  Why break their track record now, when they are about to take back control of the government?

As for unemployment just listen to what the Republicans are saying.

If you are on unemployment you are:
A bum;
A hobo;
A drug addict;
A low life only interested in fornicating;
A lazy good for nothing.

I could go on but I believe I have just described the entire Republican Party.  They are bums; hypocrites; no better than hobos; many are addicts although mostly sex addicts but... and we already know they love fornicating, many with their gay baggage carriers.
Basically they are good for nothing and nothing is what we humans will get when they take over in November.

Here is the Republican public service message they are subliminally broadcasting to all the people who for no fault of their own are out of work, "DROP DEAD! STOP LYING AROUND DOING NOTHING EXCEPT TAKE DRUGS AND FORNICATE!"

And to make sure they cannot do any of those dastardly things while out of a job they have blocked unemployment insurance!
Bravo you bastards.  That should make the country whole again - create an entire culture of people living on the streets just like the first great depression back in the 1930s.

And isn't there an Oil spill somewhere?

BP is not allowing reporters on the beaches to film the cleanup and they are threatening to fire anyone caught wearing protective gear while picking up their mess.
Who died and made them God?

But the Republicans could care less about all that as they are taking BP lobbyists on fund raising events!
And while we the people are being asked to chip in and help the gulf states out of their crisis the Republican leadership is demanding more deep sea drilling and using oil company judges to block any attempt to stop them.

We should stop sending aid to the region until they at least start acting like concerned grown-ups!

But what is the point of all this negativity from the 'right?'
The point is as always to get back in power.  And once in power they will implement all those wonderful pogroms, I mean programs to help big oil and big business further screw the public and further fill thier pockets with the bribe money they so love.

And that is the trouble with this country - Even though a quick analyses of all things politic will show the above to be true a majority of people across the country will still vote for the Party of No.  That's because the Republicans can show that the Democrats have not been able to get the Republicans to budge on anything.
Think it's bad now?  Wait!

They used to point to the people of Kansas who continually vote against their own interests.  The phrase has become, "the trouble with Kansas."
Unfortunately it is no longer a Kansas phenomenon. The virus has infected America and reached epidemic proportions.

An incredibly intelligent strategy and one that has stood the test of time.  And we the people are doomed since we cannot seem to learn from history.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic analyses. Why aren't you working for CNN?

Cousin Bruce said...

WOW! - I am available!!!!
Please let them know!