Monday, June 28, 2010

A 5-4 Win for Colt 45; 357 Magnum; AK47; Winchester 70 etc.

I know that I am probably in the minority here but I am used to that.  After all sanity has lost its foothold on the Supreme Court and every decision that comes down from that once unbiased and fair court appears to be on the side against humans.  I guess the court has succumbed to a different definition of 'fair and balanced' as disseminated by decidedly dumb individuals on the Fox (not really) News station.
My feelings for that once august body is now just disgust as they ruled in favor of murder and mayhem by striking down any State's or City's right to limit the use of hand guns.  The 5 - 4 ruling is supposed to be meant as reinforcement to the second amendment and for the sake of self-defense only.  And we all know that gunshots are fired in self defense, right?  I mean no one ever fired a gun in anger or rage against someone they just didn't like.  And this is America so love it or leave it babe.  If you don't like it then you are my enemy and I must defend myself against you.  Hey, that gives me the right to take out my concealed weapon and shoot your f'n head off because it's self defense.  Thanks Justice Alito!  You are a friend to all murderers.
I would love for a learned man or woman to read and examine the intent of the Second Amendment as it was originally written by our founding fathers during those oh so different times!  I believe someone of the stature of a Jonathan Turley would correct the war mongering Justice and explain that an armed militia does not mean every Tom, Dick, and Harriet should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon anywhere he or she pleases.  The militia is the Police force.  The police have a hard enough job without worrying about every single person in the country carrying loaded AK47s.
The National Rifle Association is so hell-bent on making money out of their business of death that they see, or at least say they see nothing wrong with concealed weapons in bars or on railroad trains.  I would suggest to National Rifle Ass President Ronald L. Schmeits that he should have been on that Long Island Railroad train with Colin Ferguson back in 1993!  Perhaps he would have had a concealed weapon as well and the two murderous morons could have had an old fashioned shoot out.  Then they could have pried the weapon out of his cold dead hand!
For our safety and well being we are told by law that:
We must wear seat belts when we drive;
We must have and pay for auto insurance;
We cannot smoke in public places;
We cannot take harmful drugs;
We cannot allow under age drinking;
And the list goes on and on.
Our lives are filled with rules and regulations all supposedly meant to protect us from harm.
So why the disconnect when it comes to guns?
The most powerful lobby in DC is the NRA - and by powerful I mean money, not fire power although...
As I said I am probably in the minority but I do believe, as does the NRA that guns do not actually kill people.

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