Friday, June 18, 2010

Who is Running the Country?

Alternate title - HERD of America!

A quick thought on analogies of the day:

With American citizens being asked to pay into our own retirement funds and social security and Medicare while Congress is exempted the phrase that comes to mind is, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander."

With BP and all the other oil giants being able to write their own rules and regulations thanks to the last administration of dumb and dumber the thought is, "The foxes are minding the hens."

But those pigs weren't the only ones feeding at the trough, Wall Street didn't have to hedge too much to make their feed money.

And the current minority party is doing a fantastic job of aping a stubborn mule blocking every move to reform the system.  It's hard to use an eagle's eye when your head is in an ostrich hole. (I refrained from using the other more obvious hole.)

And with the media reporting and giving air to all the nay (neigh?) sayers turning us into a nation of sheep or cattle being led to the slaughter one clear picture is emerging!

We are being treated like a country of animals while businesses are still farming work and jobs out to other countries.

I used to believe that all men were created equal - Paging Mr. Orwell!  May we have a rewrite please?

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