Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Am I Blue?

Can you have your cake and eat it too?
Some say it is possible but in Bergen County New Jersey you had better purchase that cake by Saturday.
In what amounts to another 2 + 2 = 3 move the legislature of that 18th century area has once again voted to keep their “Blue Laws” in place.
For those of you in more modern places in the world, like Mali or any town on the Appalachian Trail ‘Blue Laws’ are in place to make sure no shopping is allowed on the Sabbath.
Of course the fact that different religions celebrate their Sabbath on different days and some people do not celebrate a Sabbath at all and somewhat more importantly this is America where the separation of Church and State is supposed to be in place does not seem to bother the people of Route 17 in Paramus.
It wouldn’t be news or really bother anyone if not for one other fact, residents are complaining that they are losing jobs and revenue and need more money coming into the area to help them out.
In normal times when most people are employed their only chance to shop for needed or spontaneous and unneeded items would be on a weekend.  And for most people a weekend consists of Saturday and Sunday.  But Sunday is the seventh day and as all good God fearing people know on the seventh day He rested and so shall ye all!
Far be it from me to tell other people how to live or which false religion to espouse but when you complain that your backwards ways are holding you back I frankly do not want to hear about it!
Perhaps the next vote should be to rename the area, Edgar Bergen County after the other famous dummy.
Is it news that people who do not believe in taking medicine of any kind will most likely suffer an earlier demise?  These people choose their path and while I find it ill advised and sad I respect their right to their opinion and practice.  I do not have the same laissez faire attitude when they force their children along the same path without proper education as to the facts.
But I would take issue if they were to complain and demand longer; healthier lives from their government while not allowing doctors to perform their expertise.
Oh and about the 2 + 2 = 3 note at the top?  As a result of the deal to keep the heathen stores closed on the Sabbath there will be tremendous budget cuts for the school system.  That means this year graduates may find a bit more latitude when it comes to acceptable answers.
So to the fair and just people of Bergen County New Jersey I say peace my brother.  May you live long and fruitful lives.
And don't let the loud noise on route 17 bother you on Sundays.  Take pity on the weary travelers as they escape into the 21st century seeking bargains.  They search only to find greener more enlightened pastures.

Blue Law Origin


Anonymous said...

Sorry Brucie:
I wish that the Blue Laws were in effect in every county in the US. The repeal of the Blue laws and the advent of "travel" teams for 8 year olds ended the "day of family" more than every golf course in the nation. When I was a kid, every Sunday was to visit Aunt Betty or Uncle Nat and the kids went too. The wonderful tax revenue that we lose would be recovered during the other 96 hours of the week if these laws were universal. Kids and adults could live without the mindless drifting through wal mart and price club on Sundays and instead listen and learn when Uncle Nat discusses his latest criminal court case and give you advise what to do with a boss that doesn't pay you. These are memories that many y2k kids lose out on. Also, you spoke about how you do not like the hours listed at the job fair jobs, how about the people that have to work in retail instead of having sunday dinner with family in the dining room. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION.

Cousin Bruce said...

As with our religion I will start backwards so to speak and answer the last part first. The law was put in place to uphold the observance of a Sabbath - Religion pure and simple. It may have morphed into other reasons fro other individuals but the facts are the facts. I will add a link on the original post to show the origin of the Blue Laws in America for other people since I already know how smart you are.
We can never have all of our laws be perfect for all of our citizens as we are all different and have different needs and wants. When the law becomes too rigid we may have to start purchasing Burkas for the ladies.
Our country generally has a five day work week mentality. And although big business is taking advantage of the unemployed at the moment by demanding more work for less pay this too shall pass.
We can mandate two days off per week and even limit the number of hours a business can have an employee work without overtime rates taking over but we should not tell everyone what days they must rest.
The stories we can't wait to hear from Betty and Nat will be just as sweet, or not if we hear them on a Saturday or dare I say Friday.
Finally the hours listed at the jobs fair were indeed unfair but the business was not saying each worker had to be "on" the entire time. They want their company 'peopled' all the time. That is more a sign of the times than anything else and, yes it makes me blue!
And finally never be sorry for an opinion. I love hearing them even when they are wrong :-)