Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Are We There Yet?

According to Andy Warhol everyone gets and or is entitled to fifteen minutes of fame.
But is the opposite also true?  Does everyone get fifteen minutes of shame?
If the latter is true when can we finally be rid of those shameful Republicans who have far outlived their fifteen such as:

Jeff, I don't give a shit about humans or anyone from the North, Sessions;

Lindsay, I'll stay in the closet forever if I have to, Graham;

and the granddaddy of them all
DICK, only the good die young - So I'm here forever Cheeenie.

With the hearings exposing more of these hypocrites' views to the public we get a glimpse into their true feelings; their uncensored thoughts.  Republicans are decrying the fact that Elena Kagan liked Thurgood Marshall, that activist justice who brought equality to African Americans by desegregating schools.
Mr. Marshall fought the Brown v. Board of Education fight against the racist mentality of the South.  The Republicans seem to wish we could turn the clock back.  I guess they are bored with education, they sure act that way!
Elena Kagan will most likely not be the greatest justice ever.  She may not become an activist justice of note either.  But given the environment into which she is being installed and the activism of the unfortunately young conservative majority she will find herself on the wrong end of any 5 to 4 decision that concerns issues of fairness to the majority of human beings;
The corporations will continue to win out over the individual for years to come;
Women's rights will falter and fade;
And minorities will stay in the shadows.
She will have her work cut out for her and we wish her well.
May her fifteen minutes outlast Scalia; Alito; Roberts; Long Don Silver et. al.

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