Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update to the Poll on Obama

First I must say that I was not an Obama supporter. The reasons are not important since I was naturally against the continuation of the ruination of the country by the Republican leaders. I therefore would have voted for Mickey Mouse rather than another Republican. (In fact Mickey Mouse is who we had running this nation for the first 8 years of the century.)

But what I cannot understand is the hate that Conservatives have for this man. I understand that the so-called "Right" wants to regain power and control the flow of money into their pockets but what I cannot get is the way they are going about it. In other words the "Right" is WRONG! But then again they have been wrong for so long that that happens to be their right!

The poll about Obama's first 100 days, which is arbitrary at best and unbelievably stupid at worst has become a battle ground as important as any in history to these a-holes on the right! They are sending e-mails out by the thousands urging people to vote Obama an "F" grade. And just what do they think this would accomplish?

It took Bush and his cronies the better part of 8 years to totally ruin the world's economy, let alone this country. Are these moronic lovers and followers of Rush saying that Mr. Obama should have been able to fix things in just 100 days? Do they really believe in their heart of hearts that Bobby Jindal could run the country? That idiot would have trouble running for the bathroom before dirtying himself.

And how about Newt?

Could this creature on the right (literally) run America???
Give me a break!

This is the best the party can do. They ahve no leadership so they hide behind polls and attempt to stuff ballot boxes just as they did to win the previous two elections before America finally made it clear that they are no longer wanted.

I believe the next poll should be a simple one:

Does anyone believe that the Republican Party should continue? Should they be replaced by the Whigs? Or the Green Party? Or how about just forgetting about them all together? They want us to vote Obama an "F"? I'll give them an "F"!

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