Saturday, April 18, 2009

Did You Hear The One About The...

Comedians are very bright people. Unfortunately not every one who thinks they are bright are funny and vice versa.

I am not just saying that because I happen to be a funny guy but facts are facts.

Comedians need their intelligence to be funny. When they lose the "smarts" they also lose
the laughs.

If you think back to some of the celebrities that made you or your parents laugh
by acting dumb you will realize how intelligent they had to be.

Here is a partial list of such people:

Goldie Hawn
(Laugh In's tattooed Go-Go Girl.)

Gracie Allen
(Say goodnight, Gracie.)

Lucille Ball

Judy Holiday
(See her on

Lou Costello
(Hey Abbottttt!)

And other comedians who make us laugh at themselves and us are around today such as Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock.

But then th
ere are the few who although they are funny and see the world in a different way than the rest of us. These few can no longer sit back and make fun of things without getting angry enough to try and change things.

Think of Kal Penn who's character on the hit show "House" just committed su
icide so that he, Mr. Penn could commit himself to the new job of associate director in the White House’s Office of Public Liaison & Intergovernmental Affairs.
There are many such concerned citizens and we should wish them well because their success is ours.

r such committed individual just won an election that took place over 5 months ago. Al Franken (D) was confirmed as the winner of the Minnesota Senatorial race AGAIN this week after a panel of three impartial judges ruled that the second recount of votes affirmed the original result in his race against Norm Coleman (R).

You may remember the now Honorable Al Franken from his years as a writer and some-time star of Saturday Night Live. Obviously the man has a brain which he uses. I wish I could say the same of his opponent, Mr. Norm Coleman w
ho is still trying to drag out the election in the hopes that he can keep the duly elected Senator from fulfilling his duties in Minnesota and DC.

The Republican brain trust (I use the term loosely) has evoked the stolen 2000
Presidential election as a blueprint for their right to appeal the election results. They stated last week that, "It was okay when the Democrats went after President Bush in 2000 and tried to overturn the results but now they won't let Mr. Coleman do the same." Perhaps that's because it is not the same!

The facts as usual are being distorted by the wrong side of every aisle these d
ays. What the party of NO is failing to point out is that Mr. Gore, who had a fantastic reason to appeal the obviously flawed and corrupt results in Florida actually did win the election. But he decided that it was more important for the country to move forward and as a result he conceded the election thus giving Karl Rove one of his many orgasms of the past 10 years.

If the 'wrongs' on the Right wish to actually follow Mr. Gore's lead then they must put down the sword and stop being a laughing stock.

You see unfortunately not all comedic situations or comedians are intelligent or funny.

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