Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Czechs Duke it Out

David Duke was arrested by the Czech Police earlier this week.

So what you might say. People are arrested every day for a diversity of reasons that boggle the mind.

In America a few years ago police detained and strip searched a 13 year old girl on suspicion that she was hiding the dangerous drug Ibuprofen which is more commonly known as Tylenol. (The case is about to be heard by our Supreme Court.)

Teenagers are being labeled sex offenders and finding their names on the National Registry of sex offenders for the horrendous crime of "Sexting." For those of you with no access to media of any kind that is the practice of taking a picture of yourself in a provocative pose and sending it to your boyfriend or girlfriend over your cell phone's multimedia application. In many cases the photos were of girls in bras!
What nerve!
Now if they were wearing a bikini which is often more revealing than a bra and panty combo that would have been okay, unless of course they were hiding Tylenol in one of the pieces.

But in the case of Mr. Duke he was in Prague at the invitation of the Neo Nazi party to speak and tout his book. The book in question is the Czech translation of his 1998 memoir, "My Awakening." Right off the bat the invitation from these low brows should have raised a few eyebrows.

Now before you say that is just wrong to arrest someone for writing or promoting a book let's examine the book and Mr. Duke a bit more closely.

Louisiana's own David Duke is an admitted, card carrying if you like, member of the KKK. And the idiot's book is about his belief that the Holocaust never happened and it is only propaganda by Jews.

In America we allow this type of worm to live and prosper as long as he does not give speeches that attempt to incite riots. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing especially for the brain dead such as Mr. Duke and friends.

But thankfully the Czech Republic is not as tolerant of such stupidity and no longer wishes to allow hateful things to go without reprimand. In the case of this particular idiot the reprimand is being attached to remand as he is being shown the inside of jail cell. His total denial of the horrible event that killed over 6,000,000 people for no reason other than hate and fear is being treated as a hate crime. I believe that among the people to buy the book will be such wonderful people as Mel Gibson and his dad, along with the current loose canon of Iran, Mahmoud Achmadinejad (Don't you just love that name?)

Anyway in the civilized country of Czechoslovakia a hate crime is punishable by up to three years in prison. So the Czech Police put up their dukes by putting up our Duke
in the Big House.

I believe the punishment is way too severe and they should lower the jail time to just one day per victim of the Holocaust. But they should make the terms consecutive. That would be a mere 6,000,000 days or 16,400 years. And so he doesn't incite any riots put him in solitary!

Think of all the books the jackass could write during that sentence.

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