Monday, April 20, 2009

From Desert to Dessert - A Mah Nishtanah Update

I believe it is a fair to say that most people know about the ten plagues that afflicted Egypt during the time of Moses. I mean it is not exactly "Breaking News." And just as many people should also know that the ensuing events are at the core of the yearly Passover celebration.

You probably also know that a mainstay of the Passover dinner, the Seder is the asking of the four questions usually by the youngest at the table. The most famous of these questions is undoubtedly, "Why is this night different from all other nights?"

Well that particular question finally has a new answer after all these years and it happens to be a visual one.

(Click on the photo for a clearer view.)

I wonder if Sasha read the questions in Hebrew.

I trust all my Jewish friends had a Zisen Pesach and to all Zi gezunt!!


Paul said...

Who is that on the President's right? Looks familiar...

mug guy said...

LOL - How did you get clearance?