Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Of Books and Covers

By now you have probably heard of and seen the video of Susan Boyle but just in case here is the link to the Susan Boyle video.

This is from the show "Britain Has Got Talent." It is the original show that spawned this country's knock off known as "American Idol." And while I despise the American version and probably would also hate the British one if I had it on all the time occasionally the show can produce an amazing hidden talent.

This not so young lady should have her photograph in the dictionary over the phrase, "Never judge a book by it's cover." You will know what I mean the mom
ent you start watching. But make sure your sound is on and be prepared for the beginning of a musical Horatio Alger story.

In our society there is no doubt that Ms. Boyle will be offered make-overs and the chance to become "beautiful" but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I want you to behold this so click and enjoy!


train buddy said...

Hi there I'm back. I have seen her video and I was taken aback. What an absolutely beautiful voice she has. I hope she does not have a make over. It won't change what she was born with -- a voice that can just put you at peace. Whatever her looks are who cares? She just needs to keep on singing.

mug guy said...

Obviously I agree. She would have been great for the radio era. Nevertheless our society values good looks over brains too often. I say this the morning after the crowning of the latest Miss USA.
Barbra Streisand never had her nose fixed because it might have ruined her voice. You have to go with your strength and stick to it.
Very few people are lucky enough to be beautiful or handsome, intelligent, and talented, like me.

train buddy said...

I couldn't agree more. Miss you lots.