Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Beauty Queen vs. Humanity

Well thank goodness we finally have the definitive answer on this whole same sex marriage thing. With Miss California Carrie Prejean’s ''OMG answer we can all go back to the less important business at hand; that of fixing the economy.

Truth be told why would anyone, ANYONE care what an obscure beauty queen thinks in this day and age? It’s just not that important.

"Like, oh my God, if I were to, I don't know, say like another girl, uh um, you know I wouldn't want to like think of marriage, you know? I mean isn't that just like the grossest thing ever? I mean, really.

All I can say is Mr. & Mrs. P must be so proud of their bigoted small minded (assuming there) little girl with the tolerance of tree slug and the way she turned out. Thank God her teats are big because her brain sure isn't!

Carrie in all her splendor
And in her country and family
With bigotry and stupidity
for all!

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