Friday, April 24, 2009

The ABCs and DFs of Obama

This is in response to an impromptu and unscientific poll asking Americans to vote on a grade for President Obama for his performance so far. The poll appeared on an MSNBC site and the results are shown on a site. You may vote by linking here:
Vote A through F for Obama

The basic answer to what I found is - Wow such hate!

In a real poll there would probably be a broader spectrum of votes over the entire 5 letters but this one shows a propensity for the right and their "F"s fighting the Left and their "A"s. So who is correct? Both and neither.

This is America and by the end of the reign of terror (Bush/Cheney in 2008) the polls showed an approval rating of historic lows. But there were still more than 30% who thought they did a good job! Were they wrong? Who cares? Their opinions are theirs and they are allowed to be heard.

But the hate that is spewing from the Republican side of the aisle is way over the top. As we approach a silly milestone known as the first 100 days are we to decide whether or not this cuurent President will have achieved his goals by the end of his term? More importantly is he headed in the direction he said he would go when he campaigned and eventually won the election?

That answer is yes! So since he did win by a large majority then it stands to reason that those same people would feel he is doing a good job. And once again since he had a majority then the poll should show a higher pass than fail ratio.
It does not.
Therefore one of two things is happening;
1 - The "Right" is stuffing the ballot box as though it were Chicago and Daly was running again or;
2 - The more intelligent among us realize that it takes time to undo all the bad things that have happened over the last 8 years. And by the way none of those bad things can really be pinned on Mr. Obama.

The bottom line is that we have to let him have his turn at bat and we should be rooting for him to succeed. We should also let the Limbaughs of the world keep talking because frankly I like them making fools of themselves. That's what America is all about!

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