Friday, April 10, 2009

Same Old Mets

Well, baseball is back.
And so unfortunately are the Mets' old ways.

Now I am a Mets fan so I am allowed to criticize them. Some may say that when you do so you are a fair weather friend but tell me when was the last time we had fair weather at Shea?

But now we start over at Citi-Field - named after a failed bank. The stadium is beautiful and except for a few fans and sports writers who would rather suck up to the team in the Bronx everyone agrees that it is a great place to view a game.

But fans will only keep coming as long as they see a game on the field and not a sad repeat of lost years gone by. So in the hopes that a poem will get the team mad I hereby submit my latest Mets Lament.

As of this moment we've just lost game four
Of course there are still one fifty eight more
Not much has changed so here's a sure bet
If the hitters don't hit the wins we won't get

The reason persists, in fact It's tradition
They just suck with runners in scoring position
They're 7 for 40 that's one-seventy-five
So come September they will not survive

Teams know the simple strategy for winning
Just walk the the first 3 you face every inning
Throw balls in the dirt; put runners on bases
Watch the next batters fall flat on their faces

They got new relievers; paid them so much
But forget about saves without hits in the clutch
Continue their old ways and it'll be clear
The fans will be shouting, "Wait 'til next year."

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