Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My First Citi Game

To sit through a Met game these days takes some GUTS
Santana pitched well but they lost due to PUTZ
With men on the bases or loaded they SUCK
And they just cannot win when their manager's a SCHMUCK!

Citi Field is real nice and quite modern as well

If the team would start hitting then all would be swell
Come October I'd like to be able to Kvell
But we all have to wait - and see if time will tell.

Click on the photo
Then scroll or zoom in
and look for the ball.
It's amazing.

This photo was not taken from our seats but rather from behind left center field. On the cartoon look at the Mets sign at field level under the lights and go back to the rotunda. It's a good telephoto lens!

(I hope the Mets do better than CitiBank!)


train buddy said...

Great shot. Where were you sitting. My son is bugging me that he wants to go to a game. We'll see.

mug guy said...

Thanks! The camera is great. We were sitting in foul territory on the left field side but I took the photo while walking to the food court area behind center field.
Tomorrow you can get in to the field for $3 a person and walk around. There will be music and booths etc. The parking is free! Check it out at