Monday, January 26, 2009

Shut Up and Get to Work

I have extra free time on my hands as a result of the economy and other reasons I will not mention here. As a result of this I have been able to follow the wonderful financial news more closely than before. One thing is clear, the game is afoot.
For at least 8 years the Republicans held sway over everything that went on in this country and we watched our nation's world-wide popularity plummet. In the past that would not have mattered but the world is in fact flat and in the current economy it matters greatly. When Mr. Bush, the great decider whose popularity numbers should have been in the negative range wanted to get something done his cronies took out the old rubber stamp and gave the approval. And in the end I believe we can all see where those policies have brought us.
(In the interest of fair and balanced reporting Mr. Bush's approval rating while it was the lowest of any President ever and deservedly so was still in the positive range. Would someone please find the people outside of Haliburton and some of his family members who approved of him and ask them what the hell they were thinking?)
Now the Bushies will of course point the fingers elsewhere because that is what children or idiots who have no intelligent response always do. "Oh, yeah? Well you started it!"
And in keeping with the partisan stupidity that we cannot afford out come the morons on the right with their supposedly loyal opposition stance. I hear a concerted effort every day to undermone the Democrats and state that the stimulus package is all wrong and if they would just listen to us (the Republicans) we could get the country back on track.
But we were on that track for 8 years and the economy got de-railed!
Under the Bushies we sent more jobs out of the country than ever before; there was more corporate greed and less oversight than ever before yet the government was getting larger at every turn. And they were into our lives and pockets and bedrooms. In fact one of the few areas they did not spend on was scientific studies that could cure diseases killing millions of people in this country and the world because the absolute jackass would not allow funding of stem cell research based on religious views!
I am not saying that Mr. Obama and the democrats have the silver bullet or magic wand to cure all that ails the country but they will certainly not be able to focus on the problem if they have to parry such childish nay-saying from the other side of the aisle.
And the electorate should not put up with it.
Too many of us are without jobs while too many senators and representatives should be without them. These fat cats have to remember that they produce no product and are in place solely to help the citizens of the country in any way possible. Their job is to make our lives better. And right now they are doing a real shitty job!
If they can perform they can stay but if all they can do is point fingers elsewhere and complain about the other guy then it is time for them to leave.
And by the way, they leave with huge pensions; health care for themselves and their families for life and a bright future retirement filled with paid public appearances and freebies at every turn assuming they actually retire and do not enter the lobby arena.
The Republicans took a dump on the streets of this country and now that the Democrats are in charge they hold their noses and point at the mess demanding it be cleaned up.

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