Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It is January 20th 2009.

The date is not that significant except that it marks the 80th day since I was thrown away by the company I had worked for since 1993.

Oh yeah, and that other thing is happening today!

I will not write anything about the DC event because I do not believe I have to. The media anointed this man God of all things America a long time ago and today is just a formality. The crowning event has been anticipated by so many people that if you were to sit back and look at it rationally it would make you laugh.

This morning I turned on the news to see if there was anything important I needed to know and was hit with all the channels offering, "Breaking News." "The Obama family was about to leave their temporary residence for a trip to St. John's church for services!"
I assume that I tuned in too late to see the earlier breaking news, "Obama family finishes their showers and toilet duties and gets dressed."

Don't get me wrong I do not wish him ill. And I hope that I can say that I am finally proud of the country after he leaves office having fixed all of our problems. And I am not skeptical of his abilities just fed up with the spoon feeding by the media of all things Obama.

He will be a very good President because he knows how to preach to the public while hiring the right people to get the jobs we need done, done.

Between him and Mr. Biden (For whom I have great respect - now get rid of those inane tolls on US 95 Joe) I know they will be a good team. But frankly Ronald McDonald and the HamBurglar would be a better duo than W and his bastard unfeeling asshole of a hitman Cheney. (Was that too harsh?)

I will be continuing my search for future employment and financial well being today. I will just not be able to do it while watching anything financial on the tube. And as of the writing of this it seems that I am not alone as the Dow; Nasdaq; and S&P are all down between 2 and 3 %. (They all ended down between 4 & 6% - Great!)

Four score years ago it was 1929, a year that will live in infamy (Sorry Franklin) with the stock market crash of the century. I can only hope that we are going to bookend that time with a period of prosperity starting soon.

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what they did TO you and why. Then ask them to stop and go forward.
Can we do it?
"Yes We Can."
And let us all say, Amen.

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