Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

My New Years' wish is a simple one. But I am certain that many people I know will not be happy with it. And they know who they are.

Aside from an economic recovery and the usual obligatory 'World Peace' I wish that everyone gets what they deserve!

Of course I have no supreme power to see to it that this wish comes true but on this annual day that boasts "The Twilight Zone" marathon would it not be great to see it happen

Let's see who would not be happy:
The entire exiting team that was the Bush administration.
Quite a few members of the company for which I worked loyally these past 15 years.
Bernie Madoff.
Countless CEOs.
Spammers and the bastards who create and distribute computer viruses.
Terrorists the world over, at least in our eyes. (It's my post so I decide.)
And many, many more.

Please feel free to add to the list but do not be too specific lest your mother-in-law actually read this blog.

Occasionally we read about the slow wheel of justice finally turning in the right direction, even if it is for the wrong crime, right OJ?

So to those I consider my friends I give you Tiny Tim's wish and repeat my wish and add a hearty heart-felt wish for your health; wealth and happiness in the New Year.

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