Thursday, January 8, 2009

Long Island is part of the State

According to NY Assembly members from both sides of the aisle Governor Paterson snubbed Long Island in his first State of the State address. The Governor only mentioned the Island twice and both items were of the negative variety.

I believe his omissions to be made out of ignorance rather than contempt. Therefore I would like to request that the Governor visit Long Island on a fact finding mission.

And I extend a personal invitation to Mr. Paterson to visit my home for a chat. I promise to serve his favorite diet soda.


train buddy said...

Whatever you do please don't send him to my house because I will go broke paying him the "obesity tax" due to all the non-diet sodas and beer in my refrigerator from the holidays.

Miss you lots.

mug guy said...

Very Funny! I could always sneak some sugar into his drink and then tax him for it. That would show him.
By the way I am in dire need of a haircut. Perhaps I should get one quickly before that tax goes in!