Friday, January 30, 2009

Poised & Poisonous

Venom lives on after the body in which it resided is gone or so it seems.

The country has finally been able to get rid of an insidious form of cancer known as Bush but can it rid itself of Bush’s Brain? Karl Rove, I cannot bring myself to use the polite Mr. in front of the disgusting creature’s name is still working behind the scenes in our political arena.

The KR virus invaded the Republican body a while ago and took hold of more than just W’s brain. It set the body Republic on a comprehensive and cohesive course of action aimed at destroying any non-infected organism in its way. It’s four year mission, to seek out and destroy new ideas; to boldly go where all other Republican Conservatives have attempted to go in recent years. In other words KR wishes to destroy the Democrats and specifically President Obama.

The stimulus package offered up by the President and his advisors may not be the best plan but it is a plan and it is a beginning. Its aim is to jump start the economy. There are many different ways to do this and many different views on how to implement each of those ways. But rather than offer to work with the Democrats and try to help the citizens of America the KR virus says “obstruct and destroy.” And as when the virus was firmly implanted in Bush the entire Republican Party rose with one voice to vote down any possibility of help for the stimulus package. This remarkable achievement should be viewed with awe but also dissected for what it really is - the virus is fighting for its life. It is amazing how every single Republican in government no matter where they are in the country says the same thing at the same time and uses the same talking points. One would think they were all being controlled by one mind, Hmmmm. I can't even get my family to agree on what to eat for dinner.

The fact that for the past 8 years KR and its tendrils had control of the country while it bled the economy dry does not matter to the obstructionists. The only thing a parasite like KR wants and needs is to keep itself alive. But like all parasites it cannot survive outside the body. If the body dies so does the parasite. KR needs America to live on but it does not need the little people and that is why it does not wish to see the government waste money on the poor and middle class.

Health care; are you kidding?

Extended unemployment insurance; are you kidding?

Tax cuts for the rich; now that’s a plan!

And the KR machine is moving full speed ahead with reports on Fox News (loosely used term in their case) and editorials in the Wall St. Journal, a recently acquired Fox Conservative rag. The journal used to be fairly objective once even though it leaned more toward business than the individual but is slowly losing stature.

And I am not even going to mention the most disgusting piece of crap since dysentery (although I will show its face) because he gets far too much coverage as it is. If this moron were to drop dead I would hold the contents of my bladder for a week just to empty it on his grave. This is the true face of the Republican Party now and poster child for planned parenthood and controlled abortion. When asked about President Obama this nothing but a dangerous radio talk show host said, "I hope he Fails." For those of you unfamiliar with this total waste of life its name is Rush Lamebrain and it is equally as dangerous as KR and in case he is too stupid to understand it if the President fails we all fail!

When KR was able to steal the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections with clever fraud and aplomb the Democrats graciously stepped aside. Mr. Gore’s now famous line of self introduction shows this point when he says, “Hi, I’m Al Gore. I used to be
the next President of the United States.” He could have fought the horrendously ugly Florida Secretary of State, and I do not mean just her looks and the phony Right Wing leaning Supreme Court decision and ended up in the Oval Office but he chose the less divisive path. Our nation's loss but the global climate's gain?

Some left siding groups found signs of those frauds and noted that they included voter registration irregularities. The KR virus is turning this argument around by asking why there are no complaints now. And the Journal used a photo of 8 African Americans voting in Georgia to prove their point. (I would love to have been a fly in the newsroom when they were joking about possible captions for the photo.) The simple answer is that the irregularities were stopped and you do not complain about a cancer once it is gone!

The bottom line is simple. The country is in the process of curing itself after suffering the throes of the virus. The recovery will take time but our leaders must be vigilant lest we have a relapse. We cannot allow KR back into the body. We are on life support as it is. The best cure is to identify it and see it for what it really is a self serving worm that must be eradicated. The body is gone, now get rid of the abnormal brain.

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