Sunday, January 4, 2009

Raise This!

Congress just took a raise!
And just who authorized it?


When an owner realizes that his company is not doing well he is compelled to make changes. Usually his first instinct is to cut costs and even forego his own bonus let alone those of his employees.

We are in a recession that has cost this country billions of dollars and millions of jobs. Those of us trying to get by on less cannot understand why our government officials are not tightening their own belts. To allow, no relish a raise as so many senators and representatives are doing is repugnant. Our own Rep. Peter King stated that “steady pay increases are vital to attracting quality candidates to Congress.” Judging by our current situation the incumbents have not performed all that well so why give them raises?

I applaud Messers Suozzi, Levy, & Weitzman, Ms. Rice, and Ms. O’Connell et. al. for not joining the greed parade. These public servants showed compassion and turned down the raise.

My tax dollars pay their salaries in effect making me their employer. And workers who have done such a poor job deserve to be fired not praised. I therefore rescind their pay raises and ask all taxpayers to join me in protest.

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