Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Piece of Mine!

Follow up to the story below - 15 minutes just saved me a lot more than the "Down under rodent" could have.

I actually switched away from Geico.

Well technically I no longer had a Geico policy since it was sold to Travelers a few years ago. And just like those mortgages that became toxic and started all the economic problems in this country my new policy hit the road to the heights. The payments kept increasing and increasing until they were almost out of sight. And every year the new higher rate policy was accompanied by a letter of thanks from the crooks at the underwriting concern.

Isn't it a shame that you can spend hours doing research and due diligence to pick out a company you wish to deal with only to have that company deal you away to a third party on a whim? And then that third company starts raping you as they rake you over the coals?

This should serve as a wake up call to everyone. Do not get complacent. Check your policies on a regular basis and do not be afraid of change. Change is good. (Got that red states?)

After I put out the word that I was being buried under the monetary mountain of monotonous increases Merrimac came to the rescue. Actually I sought them out based on a suggestion from a frugal friend.

And fifteen minutes later I had a $2,000 savings and a satisfied smile. (The total savings actually includes money off my "Umbrella" policy.)

Next stop - a fifteen minute talk with AT&T - Using their 800 number of course.

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