Monday, January 19, 2009

Many Sides of the Same Thought

Sometimes it is impossible to fathom that others do not see things the way we do.
For example when there is a terrible accident and someone is killed most people will be saddened but there are some who will take delight for reasons of their own. It is often said that there are two sides to every story and while that is usually true I fell there are many more than two.

There is also the side formed by propaganda especially when the state controls the news media.

For example read the lead article in today's Iran Daily and find out how the current Gaza strife is actually the fault of the U.S. Also note that the Iran news mongrels feel that Israel is not going to attack on Tuesday because that would take away from the inauguration in DC. You see the world revolves around Gaza and the Iranis want to make sure that everything is taken in the context of the war THEY STARTED AND CONTINUE DAY IN AND DAY OUT. Of course they do not admit to that but...

However another side to this sad tale of ongoing persecution and by this I mean the persecution of Israelis read this most interesting and thoughtful yet provocative piece by
assistant editor Jonathan Mark in "The Jewish Week."

I must thank the "Newseum Organization" for their incredible website that allows you to view and read the front pages of just about every newspaper in the world. After viewing the paper of your choice just link to that publication's web-site for more of the same.

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