Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bravo to the Pilot

Earlier today a US Airways flight from NY to Charlotte crashed into the Hudson River. The pilot did an amazing job of bringing the crippled plane in for a hard but safe landing on the river. Anything but level and the results could have been disastrous with a broken and flooded cabin. But all 151 people on board were ferried off the floating fuselage and onto dry safe ground while the Hudson current continued to move the plane down stream.

Emergency workers from both sides of the Hudson descended upon the scene to turn the possible tragedy into a typical triumph of New York proportions.

The crash was caused by a flock of birds flying into the engines as reported by t
he pilot when he radioed a multiple hit and both forward engines gone. Some passengers noted that they smelled smoke in the cabin. This was caused by a passenger in first class who had ordered a special meal - Cooked Goose.

But now that all are safe it is important to note 3 other things that also happened:

1 - An announcement of praise for the pilot by US Air was followed by a statement that passengers will be receiving only 3 miles into their frequent flyer accounts.

2 - George Bush sent an immediate memo to Homeland Security to have all zoos and aviaries placed under red alert because he heard that:

3 - Someone claimed that a flock of cute birds wearing Burkas were flying over the Hudson at the time of the crash.

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