Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chauvinism, Politics and the Media

A critic has a choice any time he or she does their job, write a favorable review or a bomb. Frankly it's more fun to bomb something. You can make fun of the name or rhyme it with something mean or stupid. But after a while a critic that always goes for the jugular is boring.
The news media has gotten boring. Even the so-called funny shows such as Real Time with Bill Maher has fallen into the trap. On the February 29th show he and his panel of men took turns making fun of Senator Clinton in every way they could.
They made fun of her hair and the fact that she changed her style often. (She tried a different look - Shocking!)
They went on to her changing tactics when it came to her campaign. (Unbelievable to try to win.)
They made fun of her television ads. (What nerve to try a television ad.)
They even belittled her service in Congress saying that in her 6 years - HEY FELLOWS SENATOR CLINTON WAS ELECTED IN 2000. DO THE MATH, IDIOTS.
And finally they made fun of her 8 years as the first lady.
And they never called her Senator Clinton. They just said Hillary.
But later in the show the men aired a photo of Obama wearing a traditional Somali outfit complete with turban. I find nothing wrong with him wearing the outfit in the least. In fact he was visiting Kenya and I believe he showed respect for the people there by doing so. But did these critics go for the jugular and make fun of the ridiculous outfit? Did they mock him as they would have had it been Senator Clinton.
No. Bill Maher went into a tirade against all those who tried to use the photo against Obama. And Maher went on to point out and debunk every other knock against Obama he could think of.
At some point during the show he mentioned the Taliban and ironically said thet they hate women! PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELF!
When Saturday Night Live did their skit showing the press fawning over the Obama character many thought they went to far. I beleive they were the only ones in America who have hit the nail on the head!
Three year Senator Obama has yet to write a single bill in congress. While he is on the Senate Committee for Foreign Relations he has not attended any meetings. He has yet to make any policy of his known. He has yet to prove himself worthy of the highest office in the land. But he has proved himself worthy of the highest pulpits in the land. This man has spun a tale of hope to rival any other in history and the critics have fallen behind him as apostles.
At this rate he will not be sworn into office, he will be crowned and annointed right after the white smoke pours out of the chimneys of DC.

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