Sunday, March 9, 2008


One quick question, why must we change the clocks forward and back at all?

If you like daylight savings time then why not leave it on all year long?

I mean what is it called in the Winter, Nighttime Savings Time, Daylight Losing Time?

And aside from the obvious pain in the ass of having to change all the various clocks of our lives why must we lose the hour DURING ONE OF OUR TWO DAYS OFF?

We work (most of us) five days a week but only have a two-day weekend away from the job.  So why not 'spring ahead' on a Monday at 4pm?  Everyone hates Mondays anyway so make them shorter.

Naturally we would have to keep the 'fall Back' portion of the stupidity to hold on to the perceived gain.

Daylight Saving Time was originally put in place to conserve electricity.  The theory was that a longer daytime would mean less need to have your lights on in the home thereby holding down energy consumption.

As is typical with quickly thought out plans studies show that while the lights were on for less time the overall ENERGY USE ACTUALLY INCREASED!

How could THAT be?
Glad you asked!

You see normal human beings had to turn up the heat earlier in the morning during the cold times and run their air conditioning longer in the height of Summer!

DST was also supposed to help the farmers get their work done while it was light out. Well in all fairness to the 17 individual farmers left in America CHANGE YOUR ALARM CLOCKS AND LEAVE THE REST OF US THE HELL ALONE!

Sorry to rant about this but I didn't get enough sleep last night.

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