Sunday, March 16, 2008

Politically Correct or Right?

I was brought up to believe that correct meant right. If your teacher told you that you were correct that meant you got the answer right and if he or she told you that you were right then that meant your answer was correct. This is called interchangeable. The words have the same meaning and with only a very few exceptions either can be used.
Aye, there’s the rub.
Geraldine Ferraro, who is soon to become a footnote in this year’s dirty dogfight aka Democratic campaign for the White House, uttered some terrible words last week. She announced to all the world that, wait for it, Barack Obama was a black man!
I thought he had a great tan but this changes everything.
Come on, let’s be real here.
In England this sort of thing would be called the bleeding obvious.
But I am wrong. This America and pointing something like that out is something that can cost you your job.
Ms. Ferraro said that Mr. Obama was where he was basically because of who he is. This was another ‘duh’ moment.
To be fair the Obama camp has had its words used to cause the exit of staffers as well. One of his supporters called Ms. Clinton a monster. Stick and stones baby. Well I may be a monster, but you’re black.
Actually if you ever hear people in the street or on a train ride commuting to and from work the above sentence will have some whispering involved. It would sound more like this, “I may be a monster but you’re black.”
We are all who we are and therefore where we are as a result. The fact that Obama is black or Clinton is a woman should not come as a shock but pointing it out is anathema.
So with apologies to all my teachers whether or not Ms. Ferraro was correct she was most certainly not right.

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