Friday, March 7, 2008

The Economy is Slowing.

According to our fearless, brainless leader, "It's clear our economy has slowed."
"Losing a job is painful and I know Americans are concerned about our economy. So am I," he said today after the release of a gloomy government economic report. Of course he already has a new job lined up after he is finally, dear G-D finally out of office. He will formerly move to one of the Arab states so that he may be nearer to the asses he loves to kiss.
Acknowledging that it is a difficult time for the little people of America he went on to say, "But we recognized the problem early and we provided the economy with a booster shot."
He is of course referring to the measley rebate that we sheep will be getting. A rebate is by definition a return of money already spent. So he pushed for and authorized a return of some of the money we paid out in taxes later this spring. He wants us to spend it and thereby help boost the economy.
Should the man who just lost his job to 'out of country outsourcing' spend the $600 on a new IPod? Frankly anything he or she buys will be made in China so whose economy is he helping?
How about the family that lost their home and cannot find food, "to put on their family" as Mr. Bush would say. Should they go on vacation with the windfall? Even if they had the money they could not afford to visit Europe what with the currency exchange rate. Okay, see America first! But use public transportation because the price of gas will soon be over $4.00 per gallon. Did you hear that Mr. President?
Personally I just checked and my bank account and I can barely buy Mediterranean Avenue let alone visit Mediterranean!
Would it not be a better idea to pull our men, women, and children out of a hated, unnecessary, and frankly illegal war that is costing us billions of dollars and use the money instead to really stimulate the economy? How about a "Jobs Program" Mr. 'I feel for you' President?
Learn from history, Mr. Bush. Look to the WPA and ask for help from non yes-men. Then take their advise. You have very little time left in office, thank goodness, to prove you are not a total idiot. Pull yourself out of the Saudi's pockets and do something to help the country.
You would think after listening in to all of our phone conversations and reading all of our e-mails you would have guessed how we feel about you. We are being slowly tortured and you are wearing the hood.
Yes our economy has slowed. In fact it has stopped. Please do not use the fact that you and your disgusting friends have more money than G-d to think otherwise. If you only had a brain.

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