Saturday, March 29, 2008

Preyers on the Prayers

The sub-prime mortgage melt-down has a bit more to go before we are out of trouble and the economy can start focusing on normal things such as how can the rich make more money off the backs of the poor and middle class without being caught.
It is ironic that the mortgage companies prey on families that pray.
One of the biggest shames is that the ones that are hurt the most are unsuspecting, faithful, somewhat innocent poor and middle class families who have bet the farm so to speak and now cannot afford to reap the benefits of home ownership. The CEOS and board members of the mortgage companies who willingly and knowingly handed out cash to help these deluded people get their dream homes have not been hurt. With very few exceptions they have come away smelling like roses instead of shit, which is truly what they are.
We all have our religions, even the agnostic. One of the best meanings of the word religion is, ‘to follow a set of rules and or regulations by which to live. These beliefs may be spiritual or otherwise.’ (sic) Some may say that science is their religion but all of us just wish to get through the day as peacefully as possible. If religion helps us do it then so be it. But when big business, and I include Tele-Evangelists use our faith to trick us out of our worldly possessions then something should be done.
There is no easy solution but one thing is clear except for a slap on the wrist from our government the bad boys of the business world will be back to beg borrow and steal again because their religion is greed.

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