Saturday, March 29, 2008

Campaigns Reformed - Revisited

On the most recent offering by former comedian turned sexist pig, Bill Maher (Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO) one of the guests made a statement that points to my blog piece of February 18th entitled “Campaigns Reformed.”
Tavis Smiley argued that the current system of primaries, polls and ‘general election reporting’ was terribly flawed in that many Americans do not even get a chance to vote before the winners are announced.
Mr. Smiley added that in the general election the polls may not have come close to closing in California while the media is announcing the eventual winner of the race. This disenfranchises the West Coast voter and could make the outcome of an election a ‘fait a compli.’
Bill Maher, who is so against Senator Hillary Clinton as to be irrationally moronic at times actually agreed. He defended Senator Clinton against those who wish her to quit the race noting that several states have yet to make their opinions known. Of course his opinion is well known, he wants Hillary to lose so badly that every other minute he is making jokes at her expense while defending Senator Obama against any possible joke to come his way.
The panel on the show touched on the subject of the ‘Super Delegate’ but did not delve far enough to offer thoughts of resolution. The arguments that crop up concerning those political insiders who hold the deciding votes this year is that they should vote the way the people vote. This is an interesting argument and while on its face seems logical is totally flawed. If the super delegates are supposed to vote one way or the other then why do they exist? It is the same argument that Tavis Smiley is railing against. Just because someone who voted before I had a chance to make my selection chose to oppose my view why should my view be any less important?
An election should not be on a first come first served basis. And after the stink of the last two presidential elections where fraud decided the outcome and America was the loser why have we not learned a lesson? Our President should not be someone we want to have a beer with if for no other reason than we don’t want him or her hung over when that 3am phone call comes in.
It is too late for this year but it must be done soon so that we don’t have to go through another campaign season such as this ever again. Trust me, there will be at least four people running for the 2012 presidency by February and the polls will have picked the winner by the summer.

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