Thursday, March 6, 2008

Enough is Enough. End it Already.

Is it any wonder that Karl Rove, the true architect of our country's demise found it child's play to beat the Democrats twice in the last two Presidential elections? The Dems shoot themselves in their feet so often you would think they had death wishes. They fall into the trap of the egomaniacal SOB Rove and his ilk and generally do his dirty work for him.

The primaries are still taking place, at leastf or the party of the people and the rules are ridiculous. Hillary Clinton won the most votes and states this past Semi-Super-Stupid-Tuesday-That-Means-Nothing but gained only 4 delegates in her attempt to head off the green candidate, Obama. By Green I do not mean he is enviironmentally friendly but rather totally green as in wet behind the ears green.

Now to be fair the Democratic way of counting votes and awarding delegates is actually a more fair way to do it than the winner take all version of the Republican camp. But if all we are going to do is award a portion of the hard fought for delegates with each primary then we are in for a long and drawn out dirty fight. Therefore I once again renew my plea to totally overhaul this absurd primary farce and get down to business. Read my previous blog concerning Primary Reform and understand that as long as we continue to force one party or the other to air everyone's dirty laundry in public during the primaries we lose sight of the real issues such as securing a better life for our citizens. The final vote for the Presidency will, or should be decided by a vote of the people and not some convoluted scheme such as the electoral college which is more like an Electoral Pre-School.

I am not totally naive and I realize that most politicians do not give a rat's ass about those of us here on the ground but at least allow me my delusions for a while.

Hey you guys that are left standing - Make believe you really care about the middle class. Make believe you really want to change the way our government does business. Fool us for a while with promises of grandeur rather than explaining how your opponent is really a closet war criminal.

We know that all the candidates really crave the power and the thrill of the victory over the idea and ideal of helping the people of America. Why else would they be spending so much money and time and effort to gain a job whose salary could not repay them if they held it for thirty years?

Having said all this I will reiterate my feelings about who I feel should gain control of the White House for the next four years and that is Senator Hillary Clinton.

I feel that Grandpa McCain, while possibly qualified should not win merely because he has proven himself to be an idiot and a weak one at that with such a blinding ambition as to circumvent his hatred of the current moron in the White House to allow himself to be endorsed by him. He even embraced the Bushman and said he would be honored to have him campaign for him. That alone should negate any chance he had to hold the highest office in the land. In fact it could be used as an insanity plea should his lovely wife ever decide to put him a way. (And he does have the loveliest spouse in the election by far although Bill can be cute sometimes.)

Green Obama reminds me of the story of the Butterfly so often repeated throughout history to tell the tale of a too soon birth into the world. It was made into a song for the Broadway show Zorba and you should try to find it and hear it. Some of the lyric is, "Not too soon, not too soon, let it grow." It is a nice and bittersweet tale that actually dates back to ancient Japan about a man who laments the death of a butterfly that he forced to be born before it was ready to truly spread its wings. And as a result the deformed creature could not survive. If you are interested a link to the Hawaiian version is provided. Read it and think Obama as you do. His and our future may depend upon it.

Senator Clinton is left and she is quite capable of handling any situation that is thrown her way. She has shown herself to care about the common man, hell she even married one. Just kidding, but she has handled him and she can do the same with any crisis that is thrown at her. Don't take my word for it, elect her and see for yourself!

Let's hope the Dems come to their senses and stop allowing such scum of the Earth as Karl Rove and his Puppet Bush continue to win. Grandpa McCain IS Bush and all you really have to know to vote for the Democrats is that Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly are doing everything in their power to stop them from winning!

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