Sunday, March 9, 2008

Statistics Don't Lie - People Who use them Do

Have you ever heard the stupid phrase, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people?” How about. “Statistics don’t lie?” I think they rank up there with a college student telling his date, “Of course I’ll definitely respect you in the morning.” In other words they are lies!
People definitely kill people but one of the most popular ways to do so is with the help of a gun. In fact many murderers would not even contemplate theor heinous act if they could not get a gun. Ask the experts if it is easy to kill someone with your bare hands. It is not. And let’s face it many guns are made just for killing. When the sportsman tells you he is going deer hunting he usually brings along a regular single-shot rifle not an AK47 assault rifle. Or better yet if he is a true sport he will use a bow and arrow.
If someone is shopping for an assault rifle I believe alarms should be set off in the minds of the law enforcement community. Naturally the National Rifle Association (NRA) is going to claim second amendment rights if anyone tries to limit the use or availability of fire arms for the general public. But that is only because they have chosen to be ignorant of the facts and the law. The second amendment does not give the right to buy assault rifles to every moron or crazy jackass in the world merely because his girlfriend slighted him upon seeing the tiny size of his manhood. That legislative piece was written by our founders to promote and regulate a militia for the means of keeping a free state and is not to be used by every brain dead individual hell bent on murder. And if the leaders of the NRA try to tell you that that is what was meant by the members of the Continental Congress THEY ARE LYING!
Recently our government let out the news that we are sort of maybe in or heading for an economic downturn that is not necessarily but could be misconstrued as a sort of recession. That is akin to a guy saying that he got his date a little pregnant. But we allow our leaders to hem and haw and fumfer and get away with murder, literally in the name of our piece of mind. Everything will be fine, just you wait and see. The problem is we look away so we cannot see.
The bottom line is that our economic pundits are no better than, actually worse than a weatherman. Oh, the guy on the news can call himself a meteorologist but a garbage man is a garbage man and he is just a weatherman. He cannot really predict the future weather and we should not expect him to nor be upset when he does not. I do not have to iterate examples of weathermen errors we have all lived through them.
The great economists of the National Bureau of Economic Research have defined recession as, “a significant protracted decline in activity that cuts across the economy affecting measures like income, employment, retail sales and industrial productivity. Well let’s see, as a nation are we doing well in any of these areas? Real income, adjusted for inflation and cost of living increases is way down. Retailers are hurting as their sales have plummeted because we do not have as much disposable income. I for one never considered my income disposable but that’s just me. Industrial productivity? Is that a joke? Do we count our national productivity or that of the countries we sold out to?
As for unemployment we come back to the statistical game our government loves to play. According to Washington the unemployment rate was down one tenth of a point to 4.8% in February as compared to January. But if you read the small print you will find a disclaimer. These numbers do not include people who are out of work but have given up looking for a job, possibly because it is futile and costs too much money to do so and they cannot get over to India or China to get their old jobs back.
How hard is it to add or subtract? We should be able to find out how many able bodied people are out of work in our country. If our leaders cannot even get this statistic right perhaps they need a bit more help in doing so. I have an idea; why not hire some of the uncounted millions. At least then the phony unemployment numbers would be closer to reality.
And by the way according to a leading research team four out of five doctors agree with all the statements I have made herein.

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